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NOTE:   2 distinct layers of earth.  The  GOLD layer is  composted  Land  life:   the GREY  layer is composted  Marine  life.   34  Million  years  has  reduced  these  Organic  Stem  Cells  to  an  almost  pure  energy  state.    THE  ONLY  COMPOSITE OF  BOTH   LAND  &  MARINE   FULVIC  ACID   IN  THE  WORLD.

“Our deposit is the best Fulvic Mineral source …in a league of its own…the combination of naturally occurring ingredients cannot be found in other deposit materials, including Lignite, Leonardite, Shilajit and others. The proof is revealed in our independent laboratory analyses……..”

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2 ½ Month’s Supply @ Beginner Dose
 5½ Mos. Supply @ Maintenance Dose

Approved by Health Canada NPN 80064179


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“Many companies make claims about a superior product. I’ve done my research,  my manufacturer can prove it is the best.”

See Lab Analyses


Recommended Adult Dose: 8 -15 drops. Best diluted in juice or NON-CHLORINATED water daily.  You may experiment somewhat to find the best dosage for yourself as this is a natural compost and very balancing, having  been used for 1000’s of years, but I  found if I take 20 drops I feel too energetic  and do not want to sleep.   Most practitioners typically recommend allowing a minimum of 2 hours between taking prescription drugs and natural supplements.   

Children traditionally have been given 2 drops per 40 lb. of body weight diluted in 4 oz. of purified water or fresh juice, per day, depending on health. Discuss all supplements with your doctor before administering.   Keep out of reach of children.

Topical Use:   Apply directly to affected area at full concentration. Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid contact with clothing or upholstery, as staining will occur.

Pets:  1 drops per 10# of body weight in daily intake of water.

Plants:  1 teaspoon per gallon purified water. Spray on plants once a month plus water the soil with the same solution once a month.

     Dr. Jo’s Fulvic Minerals requires no digestion as it readily crosses the cell wall and the BBB (blood brain barrier).

To be considered healthy, human blood must maintain a narrow pH range of 7.365. Any slight variation means symptoms and disease. If blood pH drops below 6.8 or increases above 7.8, cells stop functioning and the patient dies. Blood pH is difficult to test, however, home test strips are available to test urine and saliva pH. Optimum urine and saliva pH is 7.0 to 7.4. Test your pH each morning before food, drink or exercise.

The pH of Dr. Jo’s Fulvic is 2 to 2.2,  although in a glass of water, it pops back up to 6.5 with 7.2  being perfect.  Fulvic also has an alkalizing effect on the blood.  If your pH is still low from eating proteins you cannot digest, taking ¼ – ½ tsp Arm & Hammer baking SODA (free from aluminum)  one or more times a day is wise. Baking Soda should be taken about 1/2 hour AFTER a meal.


Answer:  Up until age 30, the body is in a catabolic stage (growth).  After 30, it is anabolic (breaking down).   Children generally benefit from a maintenance dosage.  Adults, depending on the degree of health and age,  generally benefit from the balancing and healing effects of fulvic acid for 2 years or more before switching to a maintenance dosage.

 Ω  Detoxification

Most people will experience some detoxification when they begin taking the product. Signs of detoxification may include: mild diarrhea, mild joint aches, mild fever, pleghm/coughing, skin/lungs re-surfacing, old injuries resurfacing temporarily as the newly-awakened nerves receive final complete healing. The detox is typically a few seconds up 2 years to rebalance, heal, and rejuvenate the body. The detox reaction is a sure sign the fulvic is doing its job!

The most common problem with detox is that people stop taking the supplement and thus discontinue taking the very substance that is doing them the most good.

newimYou will gradually notice less and less reactions as your body heals and more and more wonderful days including more energy, endurance, ambition, clearer thinking and a renewed zest for life. Be persistent. 90% of people give up on their bodies too easily. Your body is magnificent – one of God’s/Nature’s brilliant creations! Before you say, ” it’s too late, my body is worn out” and accept your fate, you owe it the chance to re-start with fuel that is the basis of life (watch the life spring forth when you transplant a scraggly, worn out plant into fresh compost soil).

If and when you experience detox symptoms you may simply reduce the dosage.  When you begin to feel the  increased  energy and  better  sleep  fulvic  brings,  you can move towards the recommended dosages again.

If you have a nerve coming alive again and you are in pain, take 8000 to 15,000mg grapeskin (best source of Vit C).  Vitamin C is the frequency nerves require.   You may have to repeat the Grapeskin after 3-5 hours as needed.  Rub the area w. fulvic acid every 3 minutes until the pain stops.  Note: Fulvic will stain the skin.

 The National Institute of Health in 2002 concluded that humic acids exhibit effects both as a preventive and a curative from a broad range of viruses.

They also indicated that if taken before introduction of the virus, patients exhibited a strong prophylactic effect. As quoted from Experientia, 1972 28(5) by Klocking and Sprossig, “Medical studies show that difficult respiratory illnesses common in children are readily resolved with humic acid dietary supplementation.” With results like these humic acid would be a worthy addition to a dietary regime during the flu season. Note: fulvic acid is the smaller sized, more reactive and therefore more beneficial molecule in humic acid.

Dairy Flora or Fulvic Acid, – the better probiotic?

Most probiotics contain dairy based microorganisms, but most people cannot digest the protein (casein) in dairy. Even if we do eat enough fruits and vegetables, they contain less and less fulvic acid as our soils are depleted and the use of chemical fertilizers destroy soil microorganisms. Due to this, the intestinal flora of the “civilized” human is substantially different from the intestinal flora of indigenous peoples as newer research confirms. It has become more and more accepted in the past few years that a good probiotic should contain soil based organisms rather than dairy based organisms. Fulvic acid re-establishes the biological balance of the intestinal flora. Fulvic flora is not freeze dried nor fermented and remains inert until activated by bodily fluids after ingestion.


There is now a Standardized Method of Testing known as the  ‘LAMAR METHOD’ 

Dr. Jo’s Fulvic Acid is of the  first products to be tested with this  new method.  Although using this method results 
in a much lower fulvic acid content reading, it is relative since all  other providers will soon be testing their products 
using this new laboratory test. Whereas Dr. Jo’s used to reveal a 10-15% fulvic content, with the New Standardized
Lamar Method, it now reads at  2.75%. 
Dr. Jo’s has been proven to contain the richest Fulvic Acid content in the market. Our source deposit is in the perfect 
stage of development, dating back 34 million years to the Oligocene Period with the organic acid content at its peak.

The best source is organic soil-based humate as opposed to lignites, leonardites and shilajit –  Dr. Jo’s is proven to be the richest source of fulvic acid as verified by independent laboratory analysis using the only accurate method of 
testing today.
  • The best fulvic will be water extracted, not chemically as with hydroxides, as it changes the natural form. Dr. Jo’s contains no chemicals of any kind in the manufacturing or packaging of the product. – fulvics with high sodium or potassium are indicative of chemical involvement.
  • Fulvic acid is the final compost, therefore the most valuable – it does twice the work of Humic Acid. Humic Acid is still too large to enter the cell wall.
  • The best fulvic will be a dark golden brown -lighter shades will not have the same concentration.  A Blackish colour indicates humic acid content.
  • The best Fulvic will have a slight acidic taste- Humic Acid still has an earthy taste as it is not completely composted.
  • The best will have a low heavy metal content – Dr. Jo’s has virtually none.
  • The best will be from the Oligocene & Tertiary Periods, approximately 30 -40 million years ago. Older than this means less fulvic content because much of the fulvic has composted back to atmospheric energy, and too little composting means less fulvic because much of it is still in the larger molecule size as humic acids.[/custom_list]

Note: Although it is claimed that fulvic will not degrade plastic and I am not contesting this, I have a deep respect for nature’s power and feel more comfortable storing my fulvic in glass containers.

Because there are different fulvic acid testing methods, giving different % of fulvic content, I recommend laboratory testing of the different products using the new standardized Lamar method approved and accepted by AAPFCO (Association of American Plant Food Officials) and the IHSS (International Humic Substances Society) standardized method. This method renders all previous methods obsolete  (go to subpage under “Products”  to see the Lamar Method  &  Dr. Jo’s  product test results).   FOR THIS REASON AND OTHERS ABOVE,  I FEEL WE PROVIDE THE FINEST FULVIC ACID IN THE WORLD.  

To sweeten the pot …..It is the ONLY freshwater land AND oceanic combined fulvic in the world -the most complete compost possible.

 “I can say with certainty this is the most Anti-aging, Rejuvenating, Health-building product I have found in 35 years of research and study.  We have KNOWN for 1000’s of years how beneficial compost is to crops, flowers & humans (Himalyan Monks). Stem Cell Therapy at it’s finest and so economical, it is NOT LOGICAL to stop taking it ever!”  

Anyone can afford it (see Contribute the Efforts/Distribution Opportunities).  
It is the best  insurance I know for staying out of a nursing home in your golden  years, or dealing with  all   the  chemicals  we  are  subjected  to  in  this  toxic  age.   Formulated  by the  wisdom  of Mother Nature  herself,  it detoxifies,  chelates,  enhances and  makes  more  absorbable  any food.  In this  world of complicated, confusing, technological & scientific data,  Mr. Joyce Kilmer said  a thousand words in one sentence ……

                   “Poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree.”

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